Message From Dolce Lounge VIP & Victory Lounge

"ESPRIT DE CORPS, INTEGRITY, and QUALITY SERVICES continue to be the driving forces behind our pursuit of being a VIP lounge of beacon within Nairobi and its environs. We are a can-do entity with more than 40 staffs spread across our branches with expertise in hospitality management, catering, service, finance, procurement, and encourage team spirit amongst our crew with a view of attaining our primary goal of existence.

We pride ourselves as a VIP Lounge which continues to evolve with a wide spectrum of product line specifically it’s Club facility we believe as our title its a VIP Class.

It is the energetic commitment and enthusiasm of each Dolce VIP LOUNGE’S employee that fosters our continued taste for growth. Each of our employee contributes his or her own quota of expertise skills in performing day to day work that propels us towards attaining our key objective of being a VIP Lounge of Beacon. This tenacity towards service delivery is what aligns us towards our group’s top agenda of moving our product line forward.

As we strive to win your trust, we promise to continue working as a team with due regards to meeting client’s expectations, delivering quality services and as well as ensuring that we’re up to date with the current market trends and globalizations hovering over our region and the world at large.
Our doors are open every day During Normal ours stated by Kenyan Constitution and it would be our utmost pleasure to address your concerns each time our attention is drawn to any mishap caused as a result of our services.Warmest Regards,

Chairman Dolce Lounge, VIP,


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Mission & Vision

"ESPRIT DE CORPS, INTEGRITY, and QUALITY SERVICES continue to be the driving forces behind our pursuit of being a lounge of beacon within Nairobi/Ongata Rongai and it

Ensuring we become a lounge of beacon by observing the highest level of operational excellence in Event Management, Hospitality, catering services delivery and Entertainment.

To become the regions most preferred fulcrum in entertainment and to be recognized as an efficient, innovative, and environmentally friendly partner, with a customer and health & safety focused business model.

Corporate Values

CUSTOMER CENTRIC. We believe in client’s being the king at all-times and as such we have set in motion every machinery necessary to their needs are identified and met in quality, service, production, price and delivery time.

PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT: To ensure suitable development and meet up with todays increased current market trends and globalizations, our business priority is to understand and meet our customers’ changing requirements in every area, through creativity and innovation in all our processes.

INTEGRITY: We respect our ethical values and work with individuals and firms who upholds the rule of law and enthusiastic to growing our corporate image.

TEAM SPIRIT: As a group we advocate for Henri Fayol’s 14th managerial principle “esprit de corps because we believe if we stand together as a team, share views and expertise, then sustainable growth and development will be at our beck and call.

EMERGING TRENDS: Our employees’ creativity and progress is our rigor. We emphasize the importance of employee participation, empowerment and team working if we must be competitive with emerging markets and globalization.